The V.E.R.U.M. Process


Many Corporate Real Estate outsourcing initiatives end badly because CRE leadership ignores interpersonal dynamics within their team. They also fail to address how company culture might negatively impact a successful partnership with a service provider.

We are experts in helping our clients discover these potential roadblocks, and then acknowledge, label, address, and resolve them prior to starting a Corporate Real Estate outsourcing initiative or any consulting engagement. Our process goes by the acronym V.E.R.U.M.

V = Validate AssumptionsWe assess your current team environment, give you insight to existing organizational challenges and constraints, and set a realistic starting point for the project.

E = Eliminate ObstaclesWe label issues that could prevent you from achieving your desired outcome. We highlight factors that derail most plans, including your team’s cultural capacity for change.

R = Re-cast ExpectationsWe believe people will commit to what they own or create. We give your team ownership in the outcome by eliciting personal commitments and generating mutual support and accountability while revisiting and modifying your initial plan(s).

U = Unveil the New Strategy We design clear, achievable, and realistic tactical steps of a new plan, which greatly increases the level of collaboration and team cohesion. 

M = Manage the Implementation It is crucial to act quickly when implementing the new plan. We help you start strong and stay focused, so that your hard work pays off!

“Vik has developed a proprietary methodology to help identify, address and resolve client-specific problems and challenges that could hinder a project’s successful outcome. His V.E.R.U.M. process quickly gets the client’s sourcing and/or project teams committed and aligned BEFORE kicking off the initiative. The result is a cohesive and committed team that can focus on getting the work done rather than stopping to deal with fire drills. If you’ve ever had a promising project derail and cause headaches and delays, you should definitely reach out to Vik.”

Ham – Paul Ham, VP Support Services at Ridgeview Medical Center

“If you’re looking for someone to help improve your team’s motivation and performance, Vik is your guy! The V.E.R.U.M. process and the Discovery approach are amazing. Vik uses his analytics and in depth knowledge to quickly coordinate everyone which leads to greater team synergy. This enables stronger results and full commitment to the effort. I highly recommend Vik for his knowledge and style also.”

Martel – Nancy Martel, Director of Business Development – Kraus-Anderson

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