Outsourcing Advisory

Traditional Corporate Real Estate outsourcing arrangements punish missteps rather than reward performance. This keeps real estate service providers in constant “self-preservation” mode – worried more about survival than success. If your model is structured this way, it’s not sustainable!

Verum oversees everything from needs analysis through account transition to the service provider. Our focus on transition ensures your service provider relationship has staying power, and is supported by performance management and governance plans that are both fair, and reasonable. 

Here’s an overview of our unique approach:

First, we lead your CRE team through our unique V.E.R.U.M. process. This ensures your outsourcing goals are clear, achievable, and realistic.

Then, we engage qualified real estate service providers individually in pre-RFP working sessions. We have direct discussions about existing corporate real estate challenges and desired outcomes. We invite your legal and procurement teams to participate in these meetings for transparency and to set a foundation for a successful long-term partnership.

After these working sessions, we solicit written feedback from the service providers and use this feedback to “reverse engineer” the Request for Proposal (RFP) questions so they are clearly and directly applicable to your existing situation and desired Scope of Work (SOW). This eliminates receiving proposals containing boilerplate responses and generic marketing materials. It also results in better, more customized solutions that are easier to evaluate side-by-side. 

During the process, we guide your team in evaluating characteristics such as team chemistry, collaboration, commitment, engagement, and responsiveness. We determine what percentage of the selection criteria should be behaviorally-based, and tied to these characteristics.

We believe the V.E.R.U.M. process on the front-end, plus engagement through account transition on the back end, is the key to success. We will never compromise on this end-to-end approach.

“In selecting a consultant for my corporate real estate partnering initiative, I was looking for someone flexible, energetic, with great industry knowledge, and personally empathetic to my need to disrupt the RFP process. If you’ve struggled with your service provider relationships, I highly recommend you give Vik a call. The Verum approach involved coaching, training, and guiding my internal real estate team as well as the service provider teams, from needs analysis all the way through account transition (an add-on service from others but maybe the most crucial part of the consultant’s job, and thus a commitment from Vik). He’s a great team player, respectful to all involved, thoughtful in his counsel, and fun to work with. Thanks for everything Vik!”

Grossberg –Philip Grossberg, VP Global Real Estate and Facilities – Avnet

“Vik understands the critical need for a unified corporate facilities strategy that brings the facilities management, real estate management, and all property asset acquisition, management & maintenance functions into a synergistic relationship. He fosters these relationships between client and outsourced resources with a view to a cohesive team focused on the client’s needs and strategic plan.”

McLaughlin – Larry McLaughlin – McLaughlin & Associates, Inc.

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