Outsourcing Advisory

Unlike other consulting firms, our Corporate Real Estate outsourcing advisory service is end-to-end, meaning we oversee the entire process from needs analysis through full account transition. This focus on transition guarantees the relationship has staying power and is supported by performance management and governance plans that are both fair and reasonable.

Typical outsourcing contracts punish missteps rather than reward performance. This keeps service providers in constant “self-preservation” mode – worried more about survival than success. If your outsourcing arrangement is currently structured this way,  it’s clearly not a sustainable model!

At a summary level, here’s how we do things differently at Verum Consulting:

First, we engage your team in a Discovery process called V.E.R.U.M to make sure your outsourcing vision and goals are clear, achievable and realistic.

Then, we engage service providers that have the right capabilities to match your needs.

We then facilitate working sessions for service providers to meet your team for direct and confidential discussions about issues and challenges. We invite your legal and procurement teams to join the discussion to create a level of transparency and set the foundation for a long-term partnership.

We then solicit written feedback from service providers on their takeaways from these pre-RFP meetings. We use their feedback to “reverse engineer” the RFP by turning their input into additional RFP questions. These RFP questions are more clearly and directly applicable to your existing situation and desired scope of work (SOW).

Finally, a portion of the selection criteria in our evaluation process is behaviorally-based. We evaluate service provider characteristics such as: team chemistry, collaboration, commitment, engagement, and responsiveness. We measure these attributes throughout the process by leveraging service provider talent and creativity through gamification and evaluating their individual personalities and interactions.

Again, we believe a Discovery Process on the front-end of the process as well as a strong focus on transition on the back end is THE key to the success of your outsourcing initiative.

Download our Outsourcing Services Slide Deck.

Support Services

What if you already have a Corporate Real Estate service provider relationship in place? What if you’re not sure if you’re ready to re-bid your existing provider? We can play one or more of the following roles depending on your situation:

Here’s a presentation describing the Nine Steps to a Healthy Transition.


Ah, yes, the “million-dollar” question. Luckily, our answer is…NOT a million dollars!(Although we typically save our clients millions over a 5-year outsourcing contract). Verum’s consulting fee is customized for each client engagement and is based on the time it takes to execute the process end-to-end. We propose our services as a Fixed-Fee, GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price), and the total fee is payable in equal monthly payments. This gives every client a clearly defined budget to work from…and no surprises!

We can set our fees confidently because we are expert in accurately estimating the time it takes to complete an outsourcing initiative. Unless the scope of work is materially changed, (which must be agreed by both parties in writing), your price is fixed.