Here, and throughout this website, you’ll see accolades from notable corporate real estate and facilities management industry “rock stars” who stopped by and offered to share their thoughts…

“Vik thinks out of the box and is very creative in developing corporate strategies that meet the client’s objective. His diverse background, skill sets and passion for real estate are the key ingredients that make him the ‘go to’ guy.”

das– Sunil Das, retired GM & Director, Workplace Transformation – Intel Corporation

“Vik is an enigmatic and knowledgeable presenter, a thought leader in the Real Estate industry who has consistently been rated top faculty at CoreNet teaching Real Estate Outsourcing. He has rapidly established Verum Consulting, innovatively filling a gap in the market when companies are assessing the quality of outsourced services they are receiving prior to conducting a costly RFP process. Vik is a pleasure to work with and I am sure Verum can help your organization advance.”

Davis – Simon Davis, Founder & CEO – Purposeful Intent

“Vik will always bring his clients unbiased and impartiality when working to solve their corporate real estate problems. He always looks for the best cultural fit when managing CRE outsourcing projects and this approach has been proven to have a more lasting effect than any cost-driven approach.”

Harris – Ed Harris, Principal – Commercial Tenant Services, Inc.

“Vik is an expert in helping franchisors systemize their real estate operations and develop growth strategies that always keep a watchful eye on retail real estate pitfalls. The advice and counsel that he provides to attendees of our programs saves them thousands of dollars and hundreds of headaches. It is always a pleasure to work with Vik and to recommend his expertise to companies that are looking to elevate their corporate real estate efforts to the next level.”

Miller – Carolyn Miller, Founder of the National Franchise Institute & Author of the Amazon Bestseller “Brick & Mortar Franchise Success”

“Vik has excellent people skills and a strong grasp of how to get things done at a global level. He tells it like it is and is always diplomatic, even when delivering unpalatable news.”

Chan – Andrew Chan, COO Asia Pacific – Columbia Threadneedle Investments

“Vik has broad expertise in international real estate strategy and transactions. He helped us with projects in Asia Pacific. It has been a pleasure to work with him even for a short period of time.”

Poon – Tony Poon, Co-CEO – Threadneedle Portfolio Services Hong Kong Ltd.

“Vik has been in both end user and service provider leadership roles and that gives him the inside track for what he does for corporate real estate clients. He can easily establish an open environment where both the client and the service provider feel like partners rather than adversaries. In today’s cost-focused, procurement-led, real estate outsourcing environment, not too many consultants that do what Vik does can say that.”

Spencer – Mark Spencer, Minneapolis Office Director & Business Developer Manager  – HGA Architects and Engineers

“I have known Vik for several years and can only commend him as a Corporate Real Estate professional. I admire his leadership and I’m often intrigued by his influence in the industry. I enjoy interacting with Vik as he has a tremendous amount of knowledge that I learn from every time we meet. Vik is a class act and someone I would consider at the top of our industry leadership.”

Youst – Craig Youst, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Clients – Colliers-International

“Working with Vik in developing real estate service solutions for large, geographically diverse corporations, I was always impressed by his mastery of the subject matter as demonstrated by his unique blend of vision and attention to detail. Anyone who works with Vik knows that he brings intelligence, integrity and energy to each assignment. And he can make it fun.”

Kilby– Ron Kilby, Senior Vice President, CBRE

“I had an opportunity to meet Vik when he came to Nationwide as a CBRE consultant. Vik is a true Real Estate professional (“GURU”). I was so impressed with his thorough knowledge on any Real Estate subject matter. He is intelligent, knowledgeable and with his great vision he can be very creative to find the best Real Estate solution for any requirements. I am so fortunate to know him and work with him. I highly recommend to contact him for the best solution and best service to you and your organization.”

Yajnik – Dilip Yajnik, Portfolio Director – Nationwide Insurance

“Vik has served the Corporate Real Estate industry for over 25 years as both a CRE executive and a real estate advisor. That balance, in addition to his thought leadership puts him in the topmost tier of Corporate Real Estate consultants today. Verum Consulting is the absolute right vehicle for Vik’s truth-based, principled approach to helping clients.”

Clements – Kris Clements, Account Executive  – Morressier, the platform for early-stage research

“Vik is a seasoned executive, fun to work with and sharp as a whip. I heartily recommend him.”

Gray – Dave Gray, CEO X-Plane

“As a corporate real estate transaction and strategy professional with experience in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, I can attest that it was great having someone with Vik’s international transaction talents and experience, based in the U.S., to help my clients establish, expand or relocate their offices, manufacturing operations or R&D centres internationally. Whether it’s strategy-to-execution or a one-off consulting engagement, I look forward to partnering once again with Vik and Verum Consulting.”

Dekuyper – Stephen DeKuyper, Co-Founder and President at BeniPlus Inc.

“I am the Broker/Owner of a commercial real estate practice and Vik has been instrumental in helping guide me and my firm through all aspects of running a multi-market, multi-service client account. Other brokerage firms should take advantage of his expertise to help them solidify and grow their client relationships and tap into what I call “annuity” business.”

Kujawa – Kenneth Kujawa, Broker/Owner – Century 21 Signature Realty

“Vik is a corporate real estate leader who also understands the behavioral and cultural aspect of organizational performance. His approach with Verum Consulting goes far beyond most real estate consultants.” 

Lindberg – Christopher Lindberg, Chief Growth Officer – Metz Culinary Management

Additional accolades for Verum Consulting can be found on Vik’s LinkedIn page.

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