About Vik Bangia

A career-long critic of the corporate status quo, Vik Bangia has been challenging conventional wisdom in Corporate Real Estate for 25 years and having a great time doing it!

“I developed the Experiential RFP Process because I believe no one should enter into a 5-year (or longer) relationship without really knowing their partner. Think about it, you wouldn’t do this in your personal life so why on earth would you do this for your business?”

Watch Vik discussing the Experiential RFP process on CNG TV at the 2019 CoreNet Global Summit.


Read and download a copy of Vik’s professional bio here: bio.

As Vik says in his motivational speeches, the magic is in the next step you take – which, should be to call 952.807.1949 or email info@verumconsulting.com, or click here: Contact Us.