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A career-long critic of the status quo in Corporate Real Estate, Verum Consulting CEO Vik Bangia often takes the industry’s conventional wisdom to task in his books, articles, and speaking engagements.

His criticism of the Corporate Real Estate outsourcing process is often delivered with humor, but the underlying message is serious: …too many Corporare Real Estate and Facilities Management leaders enter into 5-year (or longer) relationships with service providers without really knowing their partner. If you wouldn’t do this in your personal life, why on earth would you do this in business?”

Vik developed his unique V.E.R.U.M. Process to disrupt the status quo and bring fresh new ideas to the corporate real estate and facilities management industry.

In addition, Verum’s OutsourceUSA Network (http://www.OutsourceUSA.com) brings together a dozen independent firms that offer services most traditional real estate service providers either lack, or deliver poorly. 

Vik’s book, Quaere Verum (Seek the Truth), a collection of his articles and blog posts, is available for FREE.  Simply click on the book image or the following link to view or save a .pdf version: Quaere VerumQV Cover

“I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Vik and watch his leadership in action. Whether offering valuable content online, moderating a panel discussion, or speaking to an audience, Vik delivers his strategic vision about corporate real estate with precision and an authenticity that is hard to find.”

Petrusky – Mike Petrusky, host of the “Workplace Innovator Podcast”

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