About Vik Bangia

Vik Bangia Bio

Verum Consulting CEO, Vik Bangia, is a career-long critic of the status quo in Corporate Real Estate, often taking the industry’s conventional wisdom to task in his books, his public speaking engagements, and his webinars. Though his criticism regarding Corporate Real Estate outsourcing is delivered with humor, Vik’s underlying message on the topic is serious: “…too many CRE leaders enter into 5-year (or longer) relationships with service providers without really knowing their partner. You wouldn’t do this in your personal life, why earth would do you do this in business?”

In 2008, Vik formed Verum Consulting and created Verum’s Experiential RFP Process to bring a true partnership mentality to CRE outsourcing. Watch the video to see why Vik often describes Verum as the eHarmony of Corporate Real Estate outsourcing advisory firms.

Download a copy of Vik’s bio: Vik Bangia – Professional Bio.

“I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Vik and watch his leadership in action. Whether offering valuable content online, moderating a panel discussion, or speaking to an audience, Vik delivers his strategic vision about corporate real estate with precision and an authenticity that is hard to find.”

Petrusky – Mike Petrusky, host of the “Workplace Innovator Podcast”