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At Verum Consulting we are passionate about the employee-centric future of workplace. That’s why we created the Verum Remote Work Index (VRWI) a process that customizes the hybrid work model to each employee’s work habits and work-life balance equation. 

It’s also why we assembled and maintain OutsourceUSA, a network of like-minded firms focused on the employee-centric future of workplace.


The Verum Remote Work Index (VRWI)

What if each employee in your company designed their own hybrid work model based on their personal work-life balance equation? Would that make them happier and more engaged? Would it make them more productive and loyal? Would they naturally form coalitions with their workgroups to outperform your expectations? Our answer is a resounding YES! And the solution is the Verum Remote Work Index.

If you are a leader that believes people will own what they get to create, then we want to speak with you!

The Verum Remote Work Index (VRWI) in its simplest definition is a calculation by a company’s human resources department of the level of flexibility inherent to each role based on internal data collected during the pandemic, each employee’s actual work behavior and their projection of how that remote/hybrid profile can be adjusted (up or down). For example, a position with an RWI of 65 means that the position allows up to 65% of functions to be performed outside of the office. Every single future job description could contain an RWI so candidates can search job opportunities based on their preference for working from home or working from anywhere.


The genesis of developing the Verum Remote Work Index concept came from thinking about how corporations will likely struggle communicating the impact of remote/hybrid work beyond the simple measure of employee satisfaction. It’s one thing to say that moving to a hybrid work model made employees of the company happier and more productive, but what material impact did the change have on the company’s overall business? The bottom line? And how can you report it?

By incorporating the Verum Remote Work Index across the business, companies can evaluate impacts to their overall carbon footprint reduction goals and cost savings goals – both the cost of employment as well as real estate costs. The RWI can inform and direct a company’s workplace strategy and ultimately, feed all of this data into the Environmental Social Responsibility and Governance (ESG) reporting process.

In addition, giving employees the choice to customize how, when and where they work is a significant boon to workplace wellness, wellbeing and employee satisfaction. 

In this video, Verum CEO Vik Bangia discusses the VRWI with collaboration partner and co-creator James Waddell of Cognitive Corp.


The OutsourceUSA Network

Verum’s advisory expertise goes beyond Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management outsourcing advisory. Our client list is diverse, from microbreweries to technology start-ups, architectural and design firms, to Fortune 500 companies. We are all about the employee-centric future of work. Whatever your business challenge is regarding workplace, we can help you solve it — either directly, or in conjunction with one of our collaboration partners from the Verum-led OutsourceUSA network.

Visit the OutsourceUSA website by clicking below.

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“I hired Vik as an advisor to help define Uptake’s go-to-market strategy within the Facilities Management Space. Vik is a forward thinking leader in this space when it comes to innovative technologies and the future of work. He was extremely valuable to help define valuable products around Predictive Analytics and AI for Commercial Real Estate. Vik is world-class when it comes to technology in the FM space – the domain expertise he provides coupled with his relationships across the industry allow him to execute flawlessly.”

Angelopoulos– Tasos Angelopoulous, Director Strategy & Business Development at Uptake Technologies

“Vik has been a valuable advisor to Unmapped Brewing Co., providing timely and savvy advice on a broad rage of operational and strategic issues. I expect Verum Consulting will be an integral part of the success of Unmapped Brewing Co.”

Park – JD Park, Founder – Unmapped Brewing Co.

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