Strategy & Operations Consulting

Strategy Consulting – Get Your Business Back On Track

Developing and implementing a strong business strategy requires a clear understanding of where the organization is today, where it needs to be tomorrow, and a realistic plan to get there. We help clients design solid plans that align business goals with executable strategies and enhance the relationship between organizational components: people, process, and technology so your team works together smoothly and efficiently.

Strategic planning — We address organizational, financial and operational concerns and provide timely and relevant reference points to help monitor your company’s growth.

Leadership counseling — We work with you to coach and guide you on all aspects of your business.

Organizational assessment — We help diagnose and evaluate your organizational strengths and weaknesses and your structural deficiencies.

Change management — We develop and communicate change programs designed to engage your employees and ease the transition.

Training and development — We tailor and facilitate in-person workshops that address your groups’ specific training needs.


Operations Consulting – Your Virtual COO

If you’re spending most of your time running your business instead of growing your business, you may be a candidate for Verum’s Operations Consulting service. This service is designed to alleviate the “busyness” of business, help you reclaim your time, allow you to focus your energies and get to work on growing your business. This executive-level advisory role is designed to replace itself with a full-time leadership resource once the infrastructure is built and includes:

  1. Planning and strategizing business activities aligned with company goals.
  2. Overseeing the HR function, from recruiting and hiring to compensation and retention strategies.
  3. Collecting and building solid analytics from company metrics to make confident business decisions.
  4. Developing reporting and communication systems that keep the business running smoothly and efficiently.
  5. Implementing tools to proactively analyze business trends and reinforce strategic plans to increase the bottom line.
  6. Customize and deliver leadership training program to entire team.
  7. Guide business development efforts to ensure your company is hitting every opportunity to increase revenue.
  8. Developing marketing, promotion, and branding campaigns including website updates, LinkedIn and Twitter posts, articles, and webinars.
  9. Develop job descriptions and recruit a full time COO-type position (C-, Director or VP-level) by end of the engagement.
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