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To visualize the future, you need an understanding of where your organization is today, where it needs to be tomorrow, and a realistic plan to get there. We offer services directly, and through our network, that are designed to help you achieve your vision. 

Strategic Planning – We align your business goals with executable strategies that enhance the relationship between organizational components: people, process, and technology so your team works together…smoothly and efficiently.

Leadership Consulting — We develop your leadership team’s soft skills: empathy, compassion, and purpose. Upskilling these traits is vital to future success.

Organizational Assessment — We diagnose and evaluate your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and your structural deficiencies.

Change Management — We develop and communicate change programs designed to engage your employees.

Training and Development — We tailor and facilitate in-person workshops that address your groups’ specific training needs.

Operations Consulting – Your Virtual COO


If you are a business owner spending most of your time running the business rather than growing the business, you’re probably a good candidate for Verum’s Operations Consulting service. This service is designed to alleviate the “busy-ness” of business, help you reclaim your time, allow you to focus your energies and get to work on growth. This year-long, executive-level advisory role is designed to replace itself with a full-time COO once the infrastructure is built and includes:

  1. Planning and strategizing business activities aligned with company goals.
  2. Overseeing HR, from recruiting and hiring to compensation and retention strategies.
  3. Collecting metrics to make confident business decisions.
  4. Developing reporting and communication systems that keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.
  5. Implementing tools to proactively analyze business trends and reinforce strategic plans to increase the bottom line.
  6. Customizing and delivering leadership training program to entire team.
  7. Guiding business development efforts to ensure your company is hitting every opportunity to increase revenue.
  8. Developing marketing, promotion, and branding campaigns including website updates, LinkedIn and Twitter posts, articles, and webinars.
  9. Developing job descriptions and recruiting a full-time COO position by end of the engagement.

“Vik has been an advisor to Scribcor in various capacities over the past decade including our rebrand to the Scribcor Global Lease Administration name. Verum Consulting helped us with employee training programs, marketing, branding, and social media strategies emphasizing our company’s new look and our expanded, global capabilities.”

Hinkle – Denise Hinkle, Principal at Scribcor Global Lease Administration

“One of the things I really appreciate about Vik is how involved he gets in his clients’ business. He’s certainly become a big fan of Spruce – actively contributing ideas, providing valuable feedback to our business plan, and taking a true interest in the future growth and direction of our company. It’s good to have him along for the ride and I’m sure we’ll continue to rely on his business consulting expertise and thought leadership as we redefine men’s fashion.”

Romero – Taylor Romero, CEO at Spruce Labs, Inc., TEDx + Keynote Speaker

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