The Verum Philosophy

Many business initiatives fail because leadership neglects to address certain team dynamics and cultural biases in the organization, and they remain unresolved. These are the “elephants in the room”, and they will always get in the way of legitimate success. Whether your “elephant” is a deficiency in internal resources, unrealistic expectations, lack of accountability and commitment, or other operational issues, Verum Consulting can help. Our team is expert in helping you discover these truths and then working with your team to acknowledge them, label them, address them — and resolve them. This enables your team to achieve peak performance no matter what services we are engaged to provide.

The process we use is called V.E.R.U.M.

V.E.R.U.M. is a proprietary process that uses creative, powerful tools and techniques that open lines of communication, stimulate discussion, achieve true accountability, and allow for real change. It’s an acronym of our company name and stands for:

V = Validate assumptions — We perform an in-depth assessment of your business environment. This discovery reveals biases inherent in the organization, provides insight to challenges and constraints and provides a starting point to begin implementing change.

E = Eliminate obstacles — We label the issues that will derail you from achieving your desired outcome. These are critical discussions and get to the heart of what will make or break the organization’s initiative – its cultural capacity for change.

R = Re-cast expectations — We revise earlier strategies. This step is designed to elicit deep personal commitments, mutual support and true accountability from members of your team.

U = Unveil the new strategy — With everyone on the team committed to the new vision and realistic expectations, we design tactical action plans built on what we’ve developed—a solid foundation for success.

M = Manage the implementation — It is crucial to act quickly when implementing the new strategy because time can erode the opportunity. We help you stay focused so that your hard work pays off.